Est. Jan 1998, Draconic is, by our estimates, the largest community of otherkin dragons on the internet, serving 61 unique members this past month alone.

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12-16-04, 8:46pm: PHP Upgrade
PHP was upgraded to 5.0.3. Please be on the lookout for any new bugs and e-mail immediately if there are any problems. Thanks!
8-18-04, 10:54pm: Access violation bug fixed
The PHP access violation bug was fixed two or three weeks ago, but I wanted to wait and be sure it was really gone before I announced it. It had to do with upgrading to PHP 4.3.7, but since nobody notified me of the bug for a month or more, I figured the cause was some other change I'd made and I wasted a lot of time pursuing false leads in trying to fix it. So, the moral of the story is to please report bugs as soon as you see them so that they are easier to fix. Thanks!
7-26-04, 11:11pm: Trying to fix memory access violations
I made another big change which I hope will fix the memory access violations. If you see them again, or if you see other new problems, please e-mail me immediately (
7-18-04, 4:16pm: Registration backend updated
The account request system has been rewritten to allow multiple administrators to easily process a unified queue of requests, as well as giving them some extra information and other features. None of you will really see the effects of this change, but it should help keep new requests moving along better. Also, I keep hearing sporadic reports of a memory access violation error on random pages. If you see that error, please e-mail and let me know where you see it. I upgraded to the latest version of php and am hoping that will fix it. If not, I need to know that it's still happening so I can try other things.
5-09-04, 9:31am: New FAQ & Help page, plus working on FaD
Well, actually the FAQ has been up for about a week while I got feedback on it and made tweaks, but if you didn't notice it, feel free to click on it. If you have comments, there is a thread here.

I'm currently working on Find a Dragon again and plan to finish it as my next big project. One change has gone up: When you do not finish creating relationship criteria (or you have criteria carried over from the old FaD system), it now lets you know those criteria need to be updated with a red "update required" notification. If you see that, please update your answers to those criteria questions (click "update required", or delete the criteria if that relationship is not one you are still interested in). This will help dragons interested in that type of relationship to find or not find you as appropriate.

4-26-04, 7:46pm: Forums improvements
Forums have a new look which, I think, makes them easier to use. Along with that are a bunch of little fixes and features, including...
  • All browser titles now give more descriptive information about what you're doing in Forums.
  • E-mail replies checkbox when you post has turned into Subscribe To Thread. The difference is it will email you any new posts in the thread rather than just replies to the post you made in the thread.
  • You will not be sent a copy of any post you make to a thread you have subscribed to. You will only receive posts that others make.
  • After you post, it clicks the ok button for you after 1 second.
  • Next/prev Thread and related buttons appear in more places when viewing a message, so, hopefully, you'll never have to scroll to reach them.
  • Advanced search has a cancel and check all button and doesn't include retired forums unless you're in a retired forum.
  • Search pages converted to PHP so I could add the navbar.
  • New posts now use a bold font.
4-21-04, 6:27pm: Forums main page revamp and CSS test
I don't like using the latest web technology because it tends to break or look inconsistent depending on the browser. However, since Cascading Style Sheets level 1 (CSS1) has been around since 1997, I decided to start using it. =) Please let me know if the little Draconic navigation bar at the top of most pages looks screwed up on your system.

The Forums page that lists each forum now includes a recent posts and threads count, as well as a latest post summary, much like other popular boards. It also uses some CSS features to make it look a little more spiffy.

I've also been working on better bug tracking and bug fixing behind the scenes, as well as creating systems to work on DraconicDev remotely with a little help from a friend. I won't say hir name and embarrass hir. =)

4-08-04, 5:22pm: Furry article and graduation
Kiry pointed me to an article about furries which is kind of interesting and not portraying us in a bad light as often seems to be the case in the media.

I recently graduated with a BS degree in computer science, so now I'm trying to figure out what to do. If you know an environmental organization that needs computer software support, please e-mail me. =) I hope I will have some time to work on Draconic now with school over, though that depends how work goes. The person who was going to help me with Draconic never showed much interest and now has permanently fallen through. *sigh*

3-05-04, 9:15pm: Horizons and another dragon game
In case anyone is still going out and buying Horizons in the hope of playing with the Draconic guild, don't. Too many members stopped playing to make the guild worth running. Even after 3 months, dragons aren't anywhere close to finished. We still have no adult form and few quests or other content past level 50, including no appropriate armor or item drops from creatures. Many promised features like laircrafting aren't going to be available for months. We still don't have icons for 25% of our abilities. So, anyway, not a game I really recommend, although I do still play a little bit, mainly in the hopes that being an adult dragon, whenever they finally add the ability (supposedly early this month) will make it somehow worthwhile. =b

Also, a new dragon game called Drakengard has been released. I have no idea if it's any good, but the trailer is fun.

12-28-03, 7:23pm: More Horizons recruiters, icons, game copy for sale…
We've added a few new recruiters for the guild. These guys are on more often than the other recruiters: Moskintia, Royelle, Drelonek, Skralthik, Ishasar. And of course you can still ask Silowyi, KaniS, or Kystan to add you as well, but we're less likely to be on.

I have an extra copy of HZ for sale for $45. I'll pay for US ground shipping. First one to e-mail me gets it.

I wasted too much time this morning creating/choosing icons for all the dragon abilities in Horizons. I couldn't stand them all having the same icon. You'd think they would have considered this an important thing to implement before releasing the game, eh? At any rate, if anyone wants to use my icons, they're available here. They're a pain to set up. You'll have to use my .def file to figure which icons go with what abilities, then move them into your Horizons/prefs//hotkey_icons folder with the appropriate names for your own setup. If you make other icons for other abilities, feel free to e-mail them to me.

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