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4-08-04, 5:22pm: Furry article and graduation
Kiry pointed me to an article about furries which is kind of interesting and not portraying us in a bad light as often seems to be the case in the media.

I recently graduated with a BS degree in computer science, so now I'm trying to figure out what to do. If you know an environmental organization that needs computer software support, please e-mail me. =) I hope I will have some time to work on Draconic now with school over, though that depends how work goes. The person who was going to help me with Draconic never showed much interest and now has permanently fallen through. *sigh*

3-05-04, 9:15pm: Horizons and another dragon game
In case anyone is still going out and buying Horizons in the hope of playing with the Draconic guild, don't. Too many members stopped playing to make the guild worth running. Even after 3 months, dragons aren't anywhere close to finished. We still have no adult form and few quests or other content past level 50, including no appropriate armor or item drops from creatures. Many promised features like laircrafting aren't going to be available for months. We still don't have icons for 25% of our abilities. So, anyway, not a game I really recommend, although I do still play a little bit, mainly in the hopes that being an adult dragon, whenever they finally add the ability (supposedly early this month) will make it somehow worthwhile. =b

Also, a new dragon game called Drakengard has been released. I have no idea if it's any good, but the trailer is fun.

12-28-03, 7:23pm: More Horizons recruiters, icons, game copy for saleā€¦
We've added a few new recruiters for the guild. These guys are on more often than the other recruiters: Moskintia, Royelle, Drelonek, Skralthik, Ishasar. And of course you can still ask Silowyi, KaniS, or Kystan to add you as well, but we're less likely to be on.

I have an extra copy of HZ for sale for $45. I'll pay for US ground shipping. First one to e-mail me gets it.

I wasted too much time this morning creating/choosing icons for all the dragon abilities in Horizons. I couldn't stand them all having the same icon. You'd think they would have considered this an important thing to implement before releasing the game, eh? At any rate, if anyone wants to use my icons, they're available here. They're a pain to set up. You'll have to use my .def file to figure which icons go with what abilities, then move them into your Horizons/prefs//hotkey_icons folder with the appropriate names for your own setup. If you make other icons for other abilities, feel free to e-mail them to me.

12-28-03, 12:56pm: Lost mail
If you sent e-mail to or since the 22nd, it may have been lost, so please send those e-mails again. Account requests should not have been affected.
12-18-03, 6:01pm: News and Logon system
The home page and logon systems have been converted to PHP. Please report bugs to

There is a new news system in place. News is broken into different color-coded categories with the last 10 shown on the main menu (you can view older news with a link at the bottom). News you haven't seen yet is shown when you log on. Click News Prefs on the main menu to choose which categories of news you want to see on logon and on the main menu. You can also choose to have news e-mailed to you, but that feature is not yet implemented.

12-14-03, 9:15am: Draconic guild created
Woot! They finally fixed it so I could create KaniS in Horizons. So, Draconic is running a Horizons guild on the server called "Life". Contact KaniS, Silowyi, or Ryoken to join (you can use the Player window to add our names and see when we're online). The guild is called "Otherkin Alliance" by popular vote and guild leader preference. It is open to otherkin of any race, and a central goal is to be helpful and friendly (Ie. _not_ play Istarian dragons as arrogant) and have fun together. This will not be a big powerleveling guild with lots of competition and struggles to reach high level content. If you want that, there are certainly other guilds you can join. See the two threads in the announcement below for more info.
12-14-03, 9:00am: Watch for bugs in Forums messages
The page that lists messages in the Forums has been converted to php (messages.php). Let me know of any bugs you find.
12-07-03, 12:01pm: Draconic Horizons guild
The new MMORPG called Horizons is set to be released Dec 9th. I'm trying to see if there is enough interest to form a small guild of otherkin dragons from Draconic. To learn more about the game, visit this thread. To express interest in the guild or talk about it, check this thread instead.
12-07-03, 12:00pm: New Forum and FAD zip code database
The new forum for discussing dragons in popular culture is up, hosted by Taren who was voted as host by a 47% to 33% to 18% margin. Spam away!

Also, big thanks to Silowyi for sending me a database of latitude/longitude coordinates corresponding to U.S. zip codes. You can now enter your U.S. zip in Find a Dragon to find your lat/lon. If anyone has postal code databases for other areas of the world, especially Canada and Europe, please let me know.

11-22-03, 12:01pm: Find a Dragon map, Forums images now thumbnailed
PHP is so cool... I searched around on the web for some sample code and in about 20 mins I threw together a world map that plots the locations of all the dragons who've given their Lat/Lon coordinates! I've thought this would be so cool to have for so long, and here it only takes 20 mins with PHP and a well-written tutorial... You can view the map here.
If you haven't already found your Lat/Lon and put it in the system, do it! Surprisingly few people have bothered (only 112 out of thousands of profiles), even though the Lat/Lon fields have been in there for over 2 years. I'm hoping this map will give people more reason. If I see the interest, I'll definitely improve the functionality. Right now it's really just a quick test. As for all the points in the ocean, I think those are people writing in bad coordinates rather than plotting errors.
The Forums message posting system has also been converted to PHP, so be on the lookout for bugs.
While I converted it I also got into re-doing the file uploading system such that you can now choose to include posted images as thumbnails. Image types that are not viewable on all browsers (like BMP and ART) are no longer allowed to be included. Other, non-image file types, now show up as a hyperlink to the file instead of trying to use the embed tag on the file. This allows files other than music to be uploaded, and I think it makes more sense for music as well since trying to embed and play more than one song doesn't work too well.

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